Shops in the Age of Modern

Technological developments make things extraordinary. But with the technological developments are certainly positive and negative things that come by. With the sophisticated technology of modern era like today also it can make things become younger. One proof of this technological developments victims is their webiste – websites on the Internet or cyberspace. And usually the website – the website is divided into several types of websites. That where there is a special website to read – read the article, there is a special website to communicate with each other and there is also a website that was built specifically for selling goods – goods are usually bigger diinternet called onlineshop or E-commerce.


Stores that sell items that have been hired in place of course already familiar because usually we can find in the market or mall – mall. Usually this is complained of by the sellers of goods which have to rent a place to market their goods. And not to mention the loss that will be incurred if the goods it sells unsold and have to pay a rental place. Of course this modern age as it is now is not effective.

That where words beginning to write “make things easier”. The word – this word is evident because in modern times such as now people who have marketed their goods item and want to be through online stores or ordinary Indonesian people call Onlineshop.

With the online shop certainly will be very effective when you want to sell a product – a product that you have. Would have a lot to think hard whether to create an online shop. Of course the answer will vary but certainly with an evolving technology makes this online shop will be very easy to be made. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of online shop:
Advantages :

• Minimize the budget. Of course this is definitely because it will differ greatly person selling the product via online shop with the hire shop. Because the online shop at only spent about 500 thousand – 1 million. Even if you understand the world of programing course online shop.

 • No need to bother – bother waiting in line. His name is also online shop certainly does not need to be visited his store because it did not exist, but only a virtual world alone.

• Easy to add new items, change descriptions and prices of existing ones. His name is also an online shop of course you have to upload the items to be marketed through the virtual world.

Deficiency :
• Often there are problems in the delivery of goods. It is certainly common in the seller once where frequent problems in the delivery process. Starting from one type of goods, delivery time and delivery courier goods and many others.

• The online store is not good security would be easier to be hacked or uprooted. Of course this is the shortage of sales through online. Which is where the website online stores can be encrypted – random even be taken permissions from the online store webiste.

• Need routine maintenance. His name is also the website will always deficiencies and problems didalamnnya. And of course, this is a loss for the seller which should perform regular checkups on their online stores. Because if not treated certainly will become a bigger problem.

Once you know there is an online store that can be made of course this will make the sellers to make business online. Which certainly can have an online shop to serve shoppers through the virtual world. May be useful. thanks.

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